# Anonimity

“Democracy requires Privacy as much as Freedom of Expression.” Anonymous

# I2P

  • Router Console accessible via web browser at localhost:7070.
  • http proxy is
  • http://identiguy.i2p/

# Use Tor as a socks5 proxy

# Firefox with SwitchyOmega

tor proxy

💩 List of websites blocked in Russia 💩

# Telegram Desktop


# Tor Browser


# Wrap any programm with torsocks

torsocks curl ifconfig.me

# Block ads and trackers

uBlock Origin

# DNS over TLS with kresd


# Use VPN if you need anonymity or Spotify

openvpn preinstalled, you can try free ProtonVpn.

# Shell

# Don't write command to history

Prefix your sensitive commands (pass and tomb kind of stuff) with space: pass.

This way your telling your shell to not keep it in history.

# Delete sensitive commands form history with fuzzy matching

You can sanitize history like this:

history --delete --contains 'openvpn'

[1] sudo openvpn us-free-03.protonvpn.com.udp.ovpn
[2] sudo openvpn USA_freeopenvpn_udp.ovpn
[3] sudo openvpn us-free-02.protonvpn.com.udp.ovpn

Enter nothing to cancel the delete, or
Enter one or more of the entry IDs separated by a space, or
Enter "all" to delete all the matching entries.

Delete which entries? >