# Fish

💜 Fish is one of the saniest software I've seen.

Almost vanilla config, a lot of faster than zsh/zim bundle with the same functionality.

# fish-config

Use fish-config to configure it with GUI.

# Fish Prompt

# Fuzzy change directory with z.lua

/e/nixos j 0.25 /c/js 0.5 /etc/nixos/modules 1.25 /storage/vvv 1.5 /etc 2.5 /home/ksevelyar/Wallpapers 3.5 /c/life 4.5 /etc/nixos/home/.config/tridactyl 5.5 /home/ksevelyar/.navi 5.5 /home/ksevelyar/.password-store 8 /c/rust 11.5 /c/joker.vim 16 /c/exs/korean_numbers 24 /etc/nixos/docs 24.5 /home/ksevelyar/Downloads 32 /c 44 /etc/nixos/.secrets 99 /c/resume 374 /tmp 8752 /etc/nixos /e/nixos j secr /e/n/.secrets

j nix will switch to /etc/nixos. j Do will switch to /home/ksevelyar/Downloads.

You can use z instead of j, j is z.lua alias.

# Fuzzy change directory with FZF

Press Alt+C

# Fuzzy find file

Type v <Alt>-t or v -o (fzf)

# Git aliases

# Don't use cd

you can run /code instead of cd /code