# Nvim

joker.vim goyo

Integrated with lsp, fzf, fd, rg.

# Learn

# Bindings

# Leader Key

The "Leader key" is a way of extending VIM's shortcuts by using sequences of keys to perform a command. The leader key is <Space>.

<Space>j navigate down

<Space>k navigate up

<Space>f find current file in NerdTree

<Space>g show changed git files with FZF

<Space>. search files in the current dir

<Space>r search files by content in the project

<Space>m show most recent files

<Space>t toggle NerdTree (file browser)

<Space>f find current file in NerdTree

<Space>p copy filepath of opened buffer

<Space>v vertical split

<Space>h horizontal split

<Space>c Comment/Uncomment Line

<Space>i Togle indentation guides

<Space>w write current file

<Space>f find current file in NerdTree

<Space>d cut line

<Space>u toggle undo tree

<Space>o check orphography

<Space>y show clipboard history

# Git

[c next git chunk

]c prev git chunk

:GH open this line on GitHub

# Useful built-in commands

Exit and save: ZZ Exit witout save: ZQ

You can undo your actions with u and redo with Ctrl-R.

<Ctrl>6 switch to previous file

<Ctrl>V visual block mode for multi-line editing

gg go to top

G go to botom

gf go to file under cursor

:42 move to line 42

:retab replace tabs with spaces

<Shift>* search word under cursor

/ incremental search

:%s/foo/bar replace foo to bar in file

Select lines with Shift+V, then type :sort<Enter> to sort lines alphabetically.

# Goyo


# Misc

:Colors set color theme with fzf